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Stack360 brings you a fully integrated set of modules to manage your business.  

See only the pieces that make sense for your organization.

Human Resources

Employee Benefit Admin


Project Mgmt

Applicant Tracking


Sales Prospect Mgmt

Time Tracking & Billing

business management system designed to help you run your organization more effectively
Stack360 is a Web-based, fully integrated, accessible, secure, customizable business management system

Your System, Your Way

Stack360: an out-of-the-box or customizable, in-house or cloud-based business management solution.

Affordable Solutions

Need customization? Start with Stack360 to save time, cut costs, and reduce risk.

Custom Solutions

Building your own system? Start with Stack360 and you're almost done!

What We Do


Stack360 is a secure, web-based, fully integrated, and highly customizable business management system designed to streamline your operations.


  • Tired of convoluted spreadsheets?

  • Frustrated with the limitations and inflexibility of single-function software, creating more data silos?

  • Disappointed with large systems offering poor flexibility and support, while costing a fortune?

  • Building your own system - too distracting, expensive, time-consuming, and risky?

Stack360 provides a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to your exact needs – efficiently reducing cost, time, and risk!

making business management simple

Automate all of your internal processes with a single, complete, yet highly customizable system.

"We are a mid-sized merchandising services company and have been using Stack360 for nearly eight years.  During that time, we have grown from less than 100 employees to almost 1,000 employees.  Before using Stack360, we used home-grown and off-the-shelf software. Our growth would not have been possible without Stack360.  We manage our projects, customers, workers, worker time, invoicing, and payroll feeds through the Stack360 system. Stack360's support has been fast and courteous. They have also been able to make many enhancements to the system to meet the changes in our business and support our rapid growth. I highly recommend Stack360 as a cost-effective and reliable solution."

Ben Medlin

CFO, Way To Go Merchandising

stack360 testimonial logo by way to go retail services
what our clients say...

break through the glass ceiling limiting your growth

Overcome growth limitations and supercharge efficiency with Stack360 -- your single, all-in-one, customizable solution for business automation.

Inefficient processes are not just frustrating - they're expensive.

Do you find yourself battling:

  • Information silos leading to disjointed data?

  • Excessive data exports/imports, resulting in wasted time?

  • Duplicate information causing confusion and inaccuracies?

  • Complex processes that slow down your operations?

Are data disagreements causing unnecessary conflicts?

Is keeping track of intricate details becoming an insurmountable task?

Do you have unique needs such as custom screens, fields, logic, or system interfaces that standard solutions can't fulfill?

Struggling to generate management reports that accurately reflect your business performance?

Are internal processes bogging you down, impeding the scaling of your business growth?

Are you finding it challenging to handle increased volumes and manage your business efficiently?

What you need is accurate, timely data, and the ability to prioritize effectively. But, does it seem like an affordable solution is out of reach?

3 steps to flexible and affordable customizable business management system for IT service providers




2. System implementation and integration

We offer effective collaboration from start to finish.

3. Efficient processes save you time and money

We are there to support your operation and ongoing needs as your organization grows.

1. Request a free consultation with an expert

Let's talk about how we can get your work to flow.

3 steps to a flexible, affordable, and customizable business management system for service providers

1. Free consultation with an expert

Let's explore how we can streamline your workflow.

2. System implementation and integration

Experience seamless collaboration from inception to completion.

3. Efficient processes save time and money

As your organization grows, we're here to support your evolving needs, ensuring operational efficiency.

Our collaborative process ensures system changes are both exciting and seamless, keeping your company in rhythm.
  • Clear Scope and Budget
    Understand your project's dimensions and costs upfront.

  • Effective Collaboration
    We work hand-in-hand to turn your vision into reality.

  • We Hear You!
    Your needs and feedback are at the heart of our development process.

  • Easy-to-Use Software
    Delivering solutions your team will love and quickly adopt.

  • Qualified Software Engineers
    Trust in a team of experts committed to delivering excellence.

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