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Human Resources Module

Stack360's HR module is totally integrated with all other modules in the system as well as the client’s own accounting system as needed. With Stack360's HR, employers and employees have a reliable source of HR information significantly reducing man-hours dedicated to HR management.

Invoicing Module

Stack360's can customize invoices to particular specifications with multiple levels of detail. Each invoice line can be written up or down and invoice data can be transferred directly to your accounting system. 

Applicant Tracking Module

Stack360's Applicant Tracking system takes the guesswork out of adding new members to an organization's team. The Questions and Answers Decision Tool sorts through the list of candidates to quickly find the right person with the exact qualifications. With one click, an applicant becomes an employee.  No data re-entry or transfer!

Time & Attendance and Time & Billing Module

Stack360's Time & Billing allows employers to have every hour and dollar at their disposal 24/7. It automatically associates time to projects for billing and time recorded can be rejected and returned at any point. Key data, such as vacation and sick time, are automatically linked to HR, including the ability to record time from remote locations such as an employee's home or hotel room.

Sales Prospects Module

With Stack360's Sales Prospect Management module you can import leads, manage appointments, get reminders. and document all of your interactions.  A single click turns them into a customer!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module

With Stack360's CRM module you can track all customer contacts, information about each contact, and know at a glance what your high-priority issues are.

Project Management Module

Stack360's Project Management module is a central aspect of the system. It acts as a focal point for the Time & Billing system and keeps track of time off. It enables a company to prioritize and orchestrate its human resources, know the status of all tasks, and know, in real time what is happening in the company. 

Benefit Administration Module

Stack360's Benefit Administration module is fully integrated into Stack360's other modules so all of your data can exist in one place. It handles all core and voluntary benefits such as medical, dental, vision, life, critical illness, disability and time-related benefits such as vacation, sick days, personal days including employer-specific rules associated with each.

key features

Integrated Business Management

Fully integrated modules; pick and choose the ones you need. 

Integrated Business Management solutions


Hosted by you or in the cloud.

Web-based business solutions

Virtual Applications

Different views and access levels for different users, including restricted access to third-party vendors.

Virtual Applications for business


Secured by the same mechanism used to transmit credit card information over the Internet.

Secure business operations solutions


A mobile interface to the system is available.

Mobile business operations solutions


Can be integrated with other applications, including those of your clients and vendors.

Integrations for business software


We specialize in customizing the system to meet your exact needs.

Customizable business solutions
business management system designed to help you run your organization more effectively

Stack360 offers a fully integrated set of modules to manage your business. 

See only the pieces that make sense for your organization.
Human Resources solutions

Human Resources

Employee Benefit Admin

Employee Benefit Admin

Invoicing solutions


Project Management solutions

Project Mgmt

Applicant Tracking solutions

Applicant Tracking

CRM solutions


Sales Prospect Management solutions

Sales Prospect Mgmt

Time Tracking and Billing solutions

Time Tracking & Billing

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