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Human Resources Module

Discover the power of seamless integration with Stack360's HR module. It is designed to integrate flawlessly with all other modules within the system. But that's not all - it can also align with your existing accounting system as required, providing a cohesive solution tailored to your business needs.

With Stack360, both employers and employees gain access to a reliable, centralized source of HR information. This reduces ambiguity and streamlines communication, leading to a significant reduction in man-hours dedicated to HR management. Experience the efficiency and ease of a truly integrated HR solution with Stack360.

Invoicing Module

Transform your invoicing process with Stack360. Our system empowers you to tailor invoices to your specific needs, with multiple levels of detail for comprehensive clarity. Each line item on an invoice can be adjusted individually, providing you with unrivaled control over your billing.

But there's more – Stack360 doesn't exist in isolation. Invoice data can be transferred directly to your existing accounting system, ensuring seamless integration and reducing the need for duplicate data entry. Experience the convenience and precision of Stack360's customizable invoicing solution.

Applicant Tracking Module

Revolutionize your hiring process with Stack360's Applicant Tracking system. Our platform eliminates the guesswork from onboarding new team members. Leveraging a Questions and Answers Decision Tool, it sifts through your candidate pool, swiftly identifying the right person with the right qualifications.

What sets us apart? Our custom mobile interface allows applicants to apply right from their smartphones, increasing accessibility and simplifying the application process. Once you find your perfect fit, with just a single click, an applicant becomes an employee – no data re-entry or transfer required! Discover the convenience and efficiency of Stack360's comprehensive Applicant Tracking system.

Time & Attendance and Time & Billing Module

Embrace efficiency with Stack360's Time & Billing module. Our intuitive system not only allows employees to enter their time remotely - from home, a hotel, or any other location - but it also intelligently applies this recorded time to the appropriate projects and clients. This key feature enables accurate, hassle-free invoice generation.

The module also empowers you with full control to reject or adjust recorded time, and links crucial data such as vacation and sick leave directly to the HR module. The result? A seamless, integrated management solution.

With Stack360's Time & Billing, you have real-time access to essential data 24/7, ensuring every hour is accounted for, and your resources are directed precisely where they need to be. Step into a world of efficient time management and accurate billing with Stack360."

Sales Prospects Module

Unleash the power of effective sales prospect management with Stack360. Our Sales Prospect Management module is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline your sales process. Import leads effortlessly, manage appointments with precision, and never miss an important follow-up with our integrated reminders.

The module also allows for comprehensive documentation of all your interactions, providing invaluable insights into your prospects' journey. And once they're ready to become customers? It's as simple as a single click.

No longer will you need to juggle multiple tools for your sales process. Stack360's Sales Prospect Management module brings it all together, turning prospects into customers efficiently and effectively.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module

Elevate your customer relationship management with Stack360's CRM module. This comprehensive tool is designed to provide you with a holistic view of your customer interactions. Track all customer contacts effortlessly and store detailed information about each contact, creating a wealth of insights that inform your engagement strategies.

Beyond just information storage, our CRM module allows you to identify and prioritize high-priority issues at a glance. This means you can act swiftly and effectively to address your customers' needs, enhancing their experience and your business relationships.

Experience the power of a centralized, intuitive CRM solution with Stack360, and take your customer interactions to the next level.

Project Management Module

Efficiently orchestrate your resources and stay updated with Stack360's Project Management module. This central aspect of our system allows you to keep track of your team's progress, time allocation, and status of all tasks in real time.

Our Project Management module acts as a hub, interfacing smoothly with the Time & Billing system, and providing you with a comprehensive picture of time off. It facilitates efficient allocation and prioritization of human resources, enabling you to direct your workforce where they are most needed.

With Stack360's Project Management module, gain an unparalleled understanding of what's happening in your company at any given moment. Empower your team to work smarter, not harder, with our robust, integrated project management solution.

Benefit Administration Module

Unify your benefits management with Stack360's Benefit Administration module. Fully integrated with all other Stack360 modules, our solution ensures all your relevant data exists in one place, eliminating the need for disjointed systems.

Our module handles all core and voluntary benefits - from medical, dental, vision, life, critical illness, and disability to time-related benefits like vacation, sick days, and personal days. But it's not just about covering all bases. The module also accommodates employer-specific rules associated with each benefit, ensuring a tailored approach that reflects your organization's unique needs.


Simplify and streamline your benefits administration with Stack360, and provide an enhanced experience to your employees while ensuring compliance and ease of management.

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Integrated Business Management

Fully integrated modules; pick and choose the ones you need. 

Integrated Business Management solutions


Hosted by you or in the cloud.

Web-based business solutions

Virtual Applications

Different views and access levels for different users, including restricted access to third-party vendors.


Secured by the same mechanism used to transmit credit card information over the Internet.


A mobile interface to the system is available.

Mobile business operations solutions


Can be integrated with other applications, including those of your clients and vendors.

Integrations for business software


We specialize in customizing the system to meet your exact needs.

Customizable business solutions
business management system designed to help you run your organization more effectively

Stack360 offers a fully integrated set of modules to manage your business. 

See only the pieces that make sense for your organization.

Human Resources

Employee Benefit Admin


Project Mgmt

Applicant Tracking


Sales Prospect Mgmt

Time Tracking & Billing

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