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What can Stack360 do for us?

Stack360 is your holistic solution for business automation, offering a single, integrated system that streamlines your operations. From applicant tracking and human resources management to project management, time tracking, and billing, our system covers it all. What sets Stack360 apart is not just its comprehensive functionality but also its customizability. Our platform can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements, making Stack360 a uniquely flexible solution for your automation needs.


With all of the business systems out there, why choose Stack360?

Amidst an array of business systems, Stack360 stands out due to its unique blend of integration and customization. While spreadsheets, off-the-shelf, and custom-built software may offer solutions, they often come with limitations and challenges such as maintenance issues, lack of flexibility, or high costs and risk.

What makes Stack360 distinct is our specialty in customizing the system to meet your exact needs, far beyond what most software companies or third parties offer. Stack360 provides a robust, reliable, and flexible solution, effectively addressing the specific requirements of your business at a competitive cost.


Where is Stack360 hosted?

Stack360 offers flexible hosting options, either in the cloud or at your own data center. Regardless of your choice, we provide seamless setup and configuration remotely, without needing on-site presence.


What are the steps for us to get started with Stack360?

To get started with Stack360, simply reach out to us. We'll provide a comprehensive online demo and give you free, unlimited access to explore the system. Following this, we'll present a tailored proposal. Upon acceptance, we take care of system setup, data import, and configuration based on your unique needs.


Can we actually use Stack360 software “out-of-the-box?”

Absolutely! While initial setup requires system configuration and data import, once these steps are completed, Stack360 is ready-to-go and fully functional out-of-the-box.


What about integrating with our accounting system?

Stack360 readily integrates with numerous desktop and cloud-based accounting systems. We are also capable of building additional integrations as required, without limitations. If your accounting system supports integration, we can make it work with Stack360.


Can you integrate with our existing software?

Absolutely. One of Stack360's specialties is our ability to integrate with your existing systems, whether they're located in-house or hosted in the cloud. If your current software supports integration, we're expertly equipped to ensure seamless connectivity.


Can the system be enhanced or customized to fit our specific requirements?

Absolutely! Customization is our forte. While Stack360 is already a highly functional system, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and modify it to perfectly fit your specific requirements. We make it our mission to ensure our solution aligns with your unique business needs.


What technology is Stack360 based on?

Stack360 utilizes industry-standard technologies. Our front-end leverages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is compatible with all modern browsers and devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Our back-end is built on robust Java and SQL, with communications facilitated by web services. Thanks to a microservices architecture, much of the system's functionality can be updated without causing disruption, making our platform agile and highly adaptable.


How long has Stack360 been around?

Stack360 was established in 2006 in Franklin, Tennessee. Since our inception, we've been consistently serving businesses across the United States with robust and customizable business automation solutions. We are committed to adapting to industry developments and meeting our clients' unique needs.


What about the cost of Stack360?

Stack360 stands out as a highly cost-effective solution in the market. With the flexibility to choose when and how much to invest in customizations, you have full control over your expenses. At Stack360, we put you in the driver's seat of your investment!



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