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What can Stack360 do for us?

Stack360 offers a single system that integrates all of your data and uses this data to fill the majority of your automation needs.  Stack360 specializes in applicant tracking, human resources, sales prospect management, CRM, project management, worker time tracking, and client billing.


With all of the business systems out there, why choose Stack360?

We've found that most entities use either:

  1. Spreadsheets

  2. Off-the-shelf software

  3. Custom, built-in-house software

These solutions each have particular problems, including maintenance and reliability issues, significant limitations and lack of flexibility, or extreme cost and risk.

While some software companies or third parties will customize their software to a minimal extent, the Stack360 company specializes in customizing the Stack360 system to meet your exact needs.


Where is Stack360 hosted?

The Stack360 system can be hosted in the cloud, or you can host it in your own data center.  We can do all of the setup and configuration for you without ever having to be on-site.


What are the steps for us to get started with Stack360?

Contact us. After we show you a demo and take you through the system (we'll give you unlimited, free access online), we will provide you with a proposal. If accepted, we will set up the system, import your data, and configure it to your needs.


Can we actually use Stack360 software “out-of-the-box?”

Yes.  Of course, there is an implementation process that includes things like configuring the system and importing your data.  Once it is set up, however, the system is fully functional.


What about integrating with our accounting system?

Stack360 integrates with many desktop and cloud-based accounting systems.  Additional integrations may be built.  We have no limitations.  If the other side can integrate, so can we.


Can you integrate with our existing software?

One of our specialties is integrating with other systems that you may already own. If your other system has a means for us to integrate with it, we can do the job!


Can the system be enhanced or customized to fit our specific requirements?

This is what we specialize in! Although our system comes highly functional as-is, we are always ready to modify it in order to meet your specific needs.


What technology is Stack360 based on?

On the front-end, Stack360 consists of industry-standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and functions on all modern browsers.  Stack360 functions on the desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.


On the back-end, Stack360 is built on Java and SQL. Communications between the front-end and back-end are via web services. Since the back-end is built on microservices, much functionality can be changed without necessitating a re-deploy and disrupting your operation.


How long has Stack360 been around?

Stack360 was started in 2006 in Franklin, Tennessee, and has been serving clients throughout the United States since that time.


What about the cost of Stack360?

Stack360 is one of the most affordable systems available.  Additionally, since you control the timing and extent of services such as customizations, you can also control the timing and extent of expenses.  With Stack360, you are in control!



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